Bingo – Learn about, rules and strategy for playing Bingo

Lesson 1

Bingo Introduction
A short history and background of Bingo

Bingo is a simple to use game of chance that gets its origins from 14th century Europe. Made popular as a learning game for children in 17th Germany, the name of Bingo stems 1930’s New York.  The game has not changed much since its inception, and with the advent of the internet; Bingo has never been...

Lesson 2

Rules of Bingo
How to play Bingo online or anywhere else

Each player has a card made up of numbered squares, typically 1 – 75. Numbers are drawn randomly from a blower and the object of the game is to complete a varied array of predetermined configurations quicker than anybody else. These patterns can be anything from the corners to rows, both diagonally and...

Lesson 3

Bingo Tips
What you need to know to be a successful Bingo player

Bingo is essentially a lottery. Once the cards have been purchased, the player is reliant upon luck. However, there a few tips and strategies that a player can bear in mind when playing Bingo in trying to be a successful Bingo player. It is best to avoid overcrowded games as there are more chances of...

Lesson 4

Bingo Odds
Learn how to maximize your bankroll by mastering the odds behind Bingo

When playing Bingo, it is best to keep track of the number of players in the room. It will have a dramatic effect on the odds of winning in Bingo. To edge the odds in the players favor, play with the least amount of...

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