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While most casino games have stayed the same for over a hundred years, no other game has benefited from technology more than slot machines.  The slots of yesterday used to only have three simple reels and offered small payouts.  Slot machines at online casinos have introduced multiple pay lines (up to 100) and feature huge progressive jackpots.  Another great thing about playing slots is that they have low minimum bet requirements.  While other casino games require bets of $5 or $10 slot machine minimums start at just a single penny!  This will let you play for longer and allow you to get more entertainment out of your gaming dollars.

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Before you play the slots with real money online, we invite you to play our free slot machine right here.  This instant slot machine features smooth scrolling animations and is just like the slot machines you’ll find at the online casinos reviewed here.  In order to increase your maximum payout activate all pay lines and use the maximum bet size.

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