Rules and strategy for playing Slots online.

Lesson 1

Pokies Introduction
A short history and background of Slots

Slot machines were one of the first modern casino games that had actual mechanical parts.  They truly revolutionized casino gaming because it was the only game where you didn’t need a dealer or other players.  Did you ever wonder why slot machines have pictures of fruit on the reels? That is because the very first slot machines distributed...

Lesson 2

Rules of Pokies
How to play Slots online or anywhere else

Playing an online slot machine is simple and easy.  All you need to do is choose a bet size and pull the lever.  Most slot machines will also let you decide how many pay lines you want to play.  A payline is simply a way to win a bet on a slot machine.  Most slots have between 10 – 25 paylines, although there are now machines with up...

Lesson 3

Pokies Tips
What you need to know to be a successful Slots player

There are some great tips and strategies for playing slots.  Not all slot machines are created equal and the best advantage you can find as a player is to find the best slot machine with the highest possible payout.  How can you do this?  At most online casinos they publish a...

Lesson 4

Pokies Odds
Learn how to maximize your bankroll by mastering the odds behind Slots

Most slot machines have a payback rate of around 97% this is amongst the highest return rate for any casino game in the house. To maximize your bankroll play a limited amount of paylines at the minimum bet level. Remember, just because you increase your average bet size you’re not increasing your chances of winning. So why not...

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