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Baccarat is a high class casino game that at one time was limited to only the highest of high rollers in back rooms of casinos.  Even today if you walk into a casino and ask for the baccarat table you’ll be pointed to a special room that sits behind a velvet rope.  The reason for this is simple, in land based casinos baccarat is played for high stakes and the minimum bet usually starts at $100 per hand.  However, when internet casinos started offering baccarat to their players they slashed the minimum bet requirement. By playing baccarat online you can enjoy this game for only $1 a hand.

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There are three bets in baccarat: banker, player, or tie.  Betting on the player results in an even money payout and betting on the banker pays even money less a commission of five percent.  The tie pays 8-1 or 9-1 depending on which online casino you go to.  Many baccarat players like to track the hands to see when the deck has gone hot or cold in any one direction.  Before you play for real try out our realistic baccarat flash game for free right here.