New Slots Games, Playboy Style

In case you are looking for some steamy new slots games to play during these long, summer days, we introduce to you the Playboy slot game. Featuring 5 reels, 243 ways to win, excellent game multipliers and plenty of free spin rounds and other hot bonuses, this game promises to bring out all the Playboy fun to surface.

Try Out The Brand New Playboy Slots

Get ready to be mesmerized by the four lovely Playboy maidens – Kimi, Jillian, Ashley, and Sofia and let them show you the way to some big wins or at least some excellent free spin rounds. First of all, keep in mind that if you are expecting some rather explicit images or videos that the Playboy brand might have gotten you used to, you should think again, wanting to focus more on a top, but at the same time sensual game play, Microgaming has worked together with Playboy in creating a luxurious, elegant, sexy game, if you will. No nudity is to be seen, but the images that have been incorporated here are amazingly delicious.

Playboy Slots

New Slots Games For Microgaming

The new slots games released by the fellows at Microgaming always manage to create a great deal of fuss around them, and the frantically waited game of Playboy slots is no exception. Take them out for a spin - the addiction rate is quite impressive, but we are talking regular, positive addiction, not the problematic one. The game is absolutely magnificent and it will keep you up at night, no doubt about it. Microgaming definitely knows how to rock your world, and the Playboy print has certainly taken it up one fine notch.  

Become A Playboy Club Member – Get Inside The Playboy Slots

The simplicity of the game is also the one that makes it so appealing to so many players who have been dreaming about it even before it was released. The game does not require any special rules, and if you are already used to playing video slots on the web, you should have no problem with it. Prepare to use special wild symbols within the new slots games and keep a close eye on scatter symbols as well. The bonus features of the game are the real point of attraction – they are nicely introduced to the player one at a time, through the gorgeous Playboy maidens mentioned in the beginning of this presentation.   

New Slots Game– Get All The Playboy Extras

Hence, Kimi is going to bring you 10 free rounds of spins, Sofia will top that off with 5 extra spins, Ashley is going to let you freely spin those reels 20 times, while Jillian is going to offer you the chance to enjoy no less than 25 free spins. Kimi’s 10 free spins are going to trigger the multiplication of all wins 5x, Sofia’s 15 free spins will bring about the Running Wilds, Ashley’s 20 free spins are meant to trigger the very special Rolling Reels feature, while the Wild Night Feature is something that only Jillian can give to you, with her 25 free spins.