Online Poker

If you asked a random sampling of people what is the most popular way to gamble on the internet most of them would answer online poker.  In the beginning, when playing poker online was just getting started in the late 1990s, most people still preferred to play poker in home games or at casinos that hosted a poker room.  In the past 10 years the technology that has supported online poker playing has advanced greatly.  The poker software developed by today’s leading online casino companies feature excellent graphics, stereo sound, and logically placed controls for a stress free poker experience.

When it comes to playing poker online vs. poker in a casino the rules are exactly the same. That, however, is where the similarities end.  While most people are familiar with live home games, and some have played in casinos or card rooms, the online version of poker is a completely different animal. The most noticeable difference is the pace of the game. In live poker people can sit for minutes at a time slowly deciding their move or looking for physical cues (tells). In online poker many players have a regular strategy which results in rapid decision making, additionally there is also a time limit (usually 30 seconds) imposed by online poker rooms to keep the game moving. Another difference is that the skill of online players is usually better than those in home cash games or even in the casinos.

Remember those people in the casino are there on vacation or looking for a good time, they’re not card sharks. With online players the learning curve is closed rapidly because of the limitless opportunities to play for extended periods of time.  This results in some very decent players playing poker online.  But don’t worry, after a few hours you’ll get the hang of it too and be cleaning up from the newbie’s in no time.

One of the best advantages to joining an online poker site is the ability to use their free educational resources.  Unlike other casino games, in poker you’re success is directly related to how much you know about the game.  This includes being informed about the different values of poker hands and about the different games that are offered.  While Texas Hold’em poker continues to be the most popular form of the game there are also other variants such as 7-Card Stud, 5-Card Draw, Omaha, and RAZZ.  While all of these poker variants are based around the same concept the rules and strategies are completely different.  If you’ve never played poker before we recommend starting out with Stud Poker because this gives the novice player a chance with a game that is easier and more intuitive to learn.

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